European Diabetes Technology Course

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Welcome Statement

Dear Diabetes Clinicians,

Welcome to the European Diabetes Technology Course (EDTC) presented by Diabetes Technology Society, a non-profit organization devoted to the development and use of technology for patients with diabetes, developed in cooperation with the Steno Diabetes Center, Copenhagen, Denmark. This meeting for clinicians covers why, when, and how to use the latest technologies for patients with diabetes, and gives special focus to blood glucose monitoring and interpreting A1C values, continuous glucose monitoring, and insulin delivery: pens, pads, pumps & low glucose suspend.

At this meeting, we will once again present an accreditation program for clinicians who demonstrate expertise in the use of technology. Diabetes Technology Society will be awarding the Certified European Diabetes Technician (CEDT), which is an earned credential that demonstrates the recipient’s specialized knowledge, skills, and experience with diabetes technology. If you are a diabetes clinician who wants to understand the applications of new technologies and if you furthermore wish to demonstrate your expertise through achievement of certification as a CEDT, then we invite you to attend this event and to take the certification examination which will be given at the conclusion of the program.

The CEDT body of knowledge covers the science and clinical applications of technologies for patients with diabetes. A list of references can be found on the meeting website homepage ( under the section, “Background materials/Suggested readings” which discusses the topics of the CEDT examination. It is highly recommended that the applicant read these articles before attending the course and taking the certifying examination.

Copenhagen is a major center for technology research, clinical innovations, and public health programs for diabetes, and home of the Steno Diabetes Center, a world leading institution within diabetes care and prevention. We look forward to meeting you in Copenhagen.

Best regards,

David C. Klonoff, MD, FACP, Fellow AIMBE, co-chair
President, Diabetes Technology Society

Martin Ridderstråle, MD, MBA, co-chair
Steno Diabetes Center, Copenhagen, Denmark